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Like industrial, commercial electric service projects includes more than simple wiring and lighting fixtures. However, commercial projects often must be appealing to the eye as well. So whether you need electrical work for new construction projects, building renovations, retrofits, upgrades, or maintenance repairs, Beez Electric is committed to meeting the electrical needs of commercial property owners with quality and timely service.

Our team understands electrical systems in commercial spaces must meet the demands of complex electrical codes and standards to protect the public. Beez Electric’s electricians are experienced in wiring a wide range of commercial & industrial applications. You can feel confident when calling Beez Electric for your commercial or industrial electrical needs.


Unexpected power outages are a part of life. Whether it is your business or your personal residence, planning ahead should be considered. Aside from being inconvenient, power outages can damage expensive equipment and result in loss of revenue for your business. Commercial generators utilize industrial grade engines for dependable service. They provide peace of mind for health care facilities as well as industries. For your commercial or industrial electrical systems call us today and let us help you to protect the equipment, and machines that keep your business running. We recommend, sell, and service Generac generators for your peace of mind.

Exterior Signs

From manufacturing to installation to maintenance, Beez Electric is with you every step of the way for your exterior signs and lighting. We work with you from conception, through design, into manufacturing and installation. Contact us for top-of-the-line business signage and exterior lighting systems. Our services include:
• Digital Signs
• Commercial Signs
• Sign Maintenance Program
• Periodic Sign Maintenance Scheduling
• Parking Lot Poles Lights & Maintenance
• Time Clocks & Motion Lights

Exterior Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting Install and Repair
Street Lighting Install and Repair
Athletic Fields

Electric Heating Installations

Electric heat can be a practical and viable option for many commercial spaces. At BEEZ Electric we can install an electric heating system for optimal comfort in all zones within your commercial space.

Upgrade & Repair

Electrical requirements in commercial settings such as retail, hosptality and office, continue to increase with advancements in technology as well as consumer demand. BEEZ Electric can provide ugrades to any electrial system or repair existing systems to meet these demands.

Security System Installs

BEEZ Electric understands the investment in office infrastructure so protecting that investment makes good business sense. We can install a complete security system to provide you peace of mind that the investment is protected. 

Bucket Truck

Today customers and employees expect parking lots and public spaces to be well lit and maintained. With our bucket truck we are able to install and repair parking lot, street lighting, exterior signs and exterior building lighting with ease.

Parking Lot Lighting Install and Repair
Street Lighting Install and Repair
Exterior Signs
Athletic Field Lighting

Electrical Preventative Maintenance

As with any system integral to running a business, it makes good economic sense to have it routinely maintained. We can provide routine maintenance to security systems, data and telecommunication systems, electrical panels, lighting, and more.

Technology - Data Communication Cable

Offices today are completely dependent upon their communication and data systems running without interruption and smoothly. BEEZ Electric has the knowledge and expertise to understand your office operation needs now and for future expansion.